Seam Welding Machine

For a long time in the history of human beings, it is recognized that the technology of welding was found at a very early age, and was used widely by workers all over the world across civilizations. In fact, the welding technique offers people to make their work piece larger than the natural resources can offer, connecting all kinds of metal materials together for a wide variety of industrial purposes.

In the sector of metal welding of the metal working industry, resistance seam welding machine is a welding facility in which the welding process produces a weld at the faying surfaces of two similar metals. During the welding process, the seam may be a butt joint and is an automated process. It is different from flash welding in that flash welding welds the entire joint at once, while seam welding forms the weld progressively and starts at one end. The two are different in many aspects and are utilized based on industrial purposes.

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Seam Welding Machine


Seam Welding Machine

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