Automatic Welder Guide

Automatic welders are welding machines that support automation operations such as automation weld, automatic welding, automatic flash butt welding, etc. Welding is a fabrication process that joins metal materials, by using high heat temperature to melt the parts of the work pieces together and allowing them to cool down, causing fusion. Normal welding is distinct from lower temperature metal joining techniques such as soldering and brazing as two different ways of joining parts.

During the melting process of the base metal, a filler material is often added to the joint to form a pool of molten material that cools to form a joint that is based on weld configuration. It can be stronger than the base material. Automatic welder is automated welding machines controlled by programs to conduct the welding process by which human worker don’t need to do manual operation in certain specific details and processes. 

Automatic Welders: Flash Butt Models

Flash butt welding is a well known welding method in the automation welding area, and the flash butt automatic welder is an electrical resistance welding processes which is designed on an automatic welder. This is utilized for joining components, in which the energy transfer is offered primarily by the resistance heat from the parts themselves. During the flash butt welding, the parts and components are positioned end to end across the full joint areas. A range of section sizes and complex shapes can be con-joined through this machine.

During the welding process, the parts are clamped by the automatic welder, and brought together slowly while a flashing voltage is applied to it. Though the process can be manually achieved by onsite workers, most welding machines nowadays are automatic for better controlled quality and occupational safety concerns. Besides the flash butt automatic welder, grating welding machines are also very popular in the market and are able to be applied to the automation technology. This is one of the main export products of Taiwan’s welding machine products. 

Automatic Welders: Spot Welding Models

Automatic spot welding is a kind of resistance welding process of automatic procedure that is used mainly for welding two or more metal sheets together by applying pressure and heat to the weld area. This type of welding contains a certain specifications of its own, and it typically delivers current for 0.1 seconds or less, so the current must be extremely high, and spot-welding machines typically deliver 150 amps per phase draw on a 440-volt system. For onsite operators, the welding guns are normally difficult to handle for operators, because that can be very heavy and often require great strength, which makes spot welding very dangerous in the manufacturing plant. Furthermore, high amounts of heat and current are involved in the spot welding process, and the welder is constantly around hazardous sparks and welding fumes, as a result, workers of spot welders shall be very careful to the equipment as well as the surrounding environment.

Taiwan’s Automatic Welding Sector

There are well known Taiwanese suppliers who are highly apprised for their excellent machinery performance and accurate welding quality in the industry. For instance, there are the famous welding models produced by Taiwanese suppliers in which many of them are designed for industrial applications with distinguished purposes and welding specifications, such as rigid machine frame and three phase inverter - DC current output solution. With these specification kept in the welding process, about seventy percent of the energy could be saved compared with conventional standard single phase AC machines. Automatic welders are a large inventory in the market, and there are various kinds of automatic welder models used and modified by the suppliers for the best usages of the users in the industry.

Even though there are a lot of different types of welding machines, the main purpose of these various automatic welders are to weld and give the best quality intended by the customers. It is important for welding machine manufacturers to know about the customers’ needs and their demands in order to make their products more smart and productive for the industrial usages today, rendering the best use of their automatic welders in the market as well as the industry. It is anticipated that in the near future, welding and automatic welders will both also be included in the smart manufacturing plants as well as the intelligent production lines, helping business owners take more control of their production and the product quality. 

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