Grating Welding Machine Guide

Grating welding machines are welders that can do grating welding process onto the selected work pieces for the grating production process. Grating welding machines are very popular in the industrial market, which is one of the main export products of Taiwan’s various welding machine manufacturers.

Rigid machine frame and three phase inverter - DC current output solutions are modern measures that grating welding suppliers implanted into the grating welding machines to solve many of the welding problems that happened in the past. With these new technologies, about 70% of the consumed energy in the past could be saved now compared with conventional standard single phase AC machines. 

Grating Welding Machines and Projection Welding Machines

There are a broad series of welding machines within the inventory, and the grating welding machines have been developed for a long time, which has developed a series of its own kinds across very wide applications in the industry. Examples like this in the welding sector are many, such as flash butt welding machines, grating welding machines, and many other types of welding machines are all belonging to this inventory. 

Grating Welding Machines and Spot Welding

Spot welding machines are highly related to grating welding machines and projection welding machines. We introduce the projection welding machine at the very first since this one belongs to the spot welding machine and is very popular in the industrial usages. Projection welding machine is a modification of spot welding machine. During the projection welding process, the weld is localized by means of projections on one or both of the work pieces to be joined. 

The heat is concentrated at the projections, which permits the welding of heavier sections of welds. The projections can also serve as a means of positioning the work pieces. Conventionally, projection welding is often used to weld studs, nuts, and other threaded machine parts to metal plates and is productive in these processing procedures just like the grating welding machines used to weld gratings during the grating welding process. Due to the physical laws that in the welding process, a resistance spot welding mechanism is welding machinery in which contacting metal surface points are joined by the heat obtained from resistance to the electric current. This type of welding is considered a subset of electric resistance welding. During the process, work pieces are clamped together under pressure exerted by the electrodes. Usually, the sheets are within a certain range of scales. 

Automatic Grating Welding Machines and Process

Some automatic grating welding machines are designed well to perform the automatic grating welding that is hard to be done by human workers during the short frequency. Those grating welding machines are well known for their excellent and accurate welding performances in the welding sector. Many grating welding machine models are designed for metal working industrial applications in household hardware industry with distinguished purposes and works.

Some machines are developed with rigid body structure, which can ensure stable and firm grating welding processes. Some other grating welding machine models are designed with three phase inverter, which can help business suppliers to save more energy consumption in the production lines if compared with traditional categories of standard single phase AC machines. For instance, the low connection load of 800kVA for dual bar welding with primary current is set as low as 1400A, the difference is significant.

Within the automatic grating welding machine system, there is the preloading system that can help the whole grating welding process much more smooth without the help from human operators, and without having to stopping the machine. Based on the automatic grating welding basis, onsite operators could load the bearing bar onto the preloading system for automatic feeding into the welding station. This mechanism enhances safety and efficiency of the grating welding machines.

Welding industry always come with an image of hot and dangerous, and now with the automation technology, people as well as industrial users witness that automatic welding can be save and productive, while keeping the traditional welding quality with the welded objects, making this new welding model 100% flaw-free to the business owners. At the establishment, business may need to invest more on the automatic grating welding machines together with the facilities, but the cost will pay off once the whole automatic system starts to work. This is the way how suppliers evaluate the total outcome of the invested facility, and it is anticipated that, automation will be very common in the welding industry in the future.

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