Pneumatic Spot Welding Machine Guide

There is no denying that people are enjoying more and more to do something with their own power. They can learn to bake a cake all by themselves. They can learn to speak a whole new language. They can travel to the edge of the world all by themselves. They can also stay at home and assemble the furniture all by themselves. People start to regard this self-learning process as a great way to explore their potential and learn the crucial experience. 

Take the assembling of the furniture as an example, more and more people go to the retail store to buy the parts of the furniture. They will then use the tool to assemble them at home. However, this is very different from the manufacturing process. In factories, people have to make sure all the parts are nicely assembled so the furniture can be sold. To make all the separate parts assemble together will require several tools to do the work. One of them is the subject of today, the pneumatic spot welding machine. 

Pneumatic System

So what is a pneumatic spot welding machine? Before we start to explain what a pneumatic spot welding machine is, we have to first understand the system which powers it up, the pneumatic system. A pneumatic system is a system which utilizes several interconnected components to compress the air. The compressed air will then give the system the power to do the work for the automated equipment. The pneumatic system has several applications which can be found in the industrial manufacturing, such as the garage of the home. Within the pneumatic system, there is a device which is used to filter or dry the compressed air or pressurized gas. This way, the vital components such as the cylinders, actuators, tools and bladders can be protected and perform their function smoothly. 

What Is Spot Welding?

Now that we have learned the system that powers up the pneumatic spot welding machine, let’s talk about the technique it utilizes to perform welding, the spot welding. Spot welding, or sometimes also referred as the resistance spot welding, is a technique to conjoin two or more metal sheets together. The process of joining two or more metal sheets begins by giving the pressure and the heat which is created from an electric current to the area of the welding place. No filler material is needed to aid in the process of the welding. One component is the essential part for the spot welding machine, the shaped alloy copper electrodes. 

People utilized the shaped alloy copper electrodes to transmit the electrical current through the weld piece. The pressure and heat will then travel through the weld area and cause the material to melt and in turns fusing the separated parts together. One of the main reasons for people to choose the copper alloy as the material to build the electrodes is due to the fact that the copper alloy has relatively high thermal conductivity and the ability to resist the electricity. This way, the copper alloy made electrodes can ensure the generated heat is distributed in a more desirable way in the work pieces instead of the electrodes.

What Is a Pneumatic Spot Welding Machine?

Now that we have learned both the system and the technique which are utilized by the pneumatic spot welding machine, we are now ready to discuss even further. The pneumatic spot welding machine is a spot welding machine which adopts the pneumatic system as the power source for the process of the welding. The reason that the pneumatic spot welding machine uses the pneumatic system as the power source is due to the fact of simplicity. The pneumatic system is a type of system which allows the machines and equipment to be modified and assembled fast by using the pneumatic components such as the valves and cylinders. The pneumatic system is also a type of system which requires little maintenance. With the proper air preparation, the systems can be very reliable, and in turn provide a long service life. 

There are several reasons why the pneumatic spot welding machine utilized the pneumatic system. For it is easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to modify and assemble, and most of all, it has the potential to provide a long service life. All these features can help the industries saving the cost and make the manufacturing process even more efficient. 

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