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Spot Welding

Before introducing the portable spot welding guns, it is necessary to know what spot welding is. Spot welding, also known as resistant spot welding, is a technique mainly used for welding sheet metals or other metallic materials together by applying heat and pressure. The heat is generated by the resistance of the material against the electric current, and therefore the name. The working principle of spot welding is passing the current through the copper alloy electrode and the two metal materials. The current passing through the copper alloy produces heat to melt the materials and then join the materials to weld.

This welding technique is one of the oldest welding processes which had been developed early in history and improved through time. Among all the welding techniques, it is one of the most economical techniques since spot welding allows the materials to weld together without the help of other metals. Thus, the cost is decreased. Spot Welding can be performed with a variety of welding machines; the portable spot welding guns are one of the most prevalent welders used to conduct such a technique.

Introduction to Portable Spot Welding Guns

Spot welding machines, or spot welders, are the most commonly used machine tools for spot welding processes. This type of spot welder has mobility compared with conventional spot welding machines. Though the conventional spot welding machines are a good help to welding works since they can offer better productivity and are suitable for mass production. However, when moving the welders becomes necessary, portable spot welding guns are an ideal alternative.

The portable spot welding guns are welding machines designed for enhancing mobility so that they can be carried around. Compared with regular spot welding machines, the portable designs make the portable welders more convenient to use. The portable spot welding guns share the same working principle as the spot welding machines in factories; they are also powered by electricity and weld workpieces together with current and pressure.

When working with the spot welding gun, the user needs to place the sheet metals together. After the workpieces are positioned, start the spot welding gun to pass a strong current and pressure onto the pieces as the spot welding machines do. The welds on the workpieces are strong enough to hold the metal sheets together and are not easy to be crushed. The spots do not hurt the metal but make the surface become bumpy. Usually, spot welding guns are more popular among hobbyists and small workshops than factories which require higher productivity.

Types of Portable Spot Welding Guns

Portable spot welding guns are divided into types according to sizes and designs. Categorizing based on the size, they can be divided into:

Light-duty Spot Welding Guns

Light-duty spot welding guns can provide a cost-effective solution to everyday spot welding requirements. They are designed for welding larger workpieces that are not easy to put on the spot welding machines stably or need to be assembled in a jig or fixture.

A light-duty spot welding gun has a retract cylinder, a water-cooled transformer, and electrode arms. The two electrode arms of this design look like a clamp working up and down. The length of the two electrode arms is adjustable so that the users can choose the most suitable length to finish the welding works.

Moreover, all light-duty spot welding guns have a 360° gimbal which allows the spot welders to rotate in any plane. Combined with the features above, applying spot welding with the light-duty spot welding guns is always easier and more cost-effective than using a static machine.

Heavy-duty Spot Welding Guns

Spot welding guns of this design are one of the most cost-effective and long-lived production tools available today. It is surprising that heavy-duty portable spot welding guns are actually smaller and lighter, yet more powerful. They come with excellent security. The heavy-duty feature allows them to deal with big components.

Moreover, when designing heavy-duty spot welding guns, ergonomics are considered so that they are easier to hold and operate. All transformers of this design are interchangeable, and the air cylinders’ unique modular construction allows quick changes and reduced spares holdings. The heavy-duty portable spot welding guns have a stationary and a movable electrode. The movable electrode moves during a welding process.

On the other hand, they can be grouped according to the design of the electrode:

Multiple Electrodes Shaped as Clamp (Up and Down)

This is similar to the light-duty spot welding guns which are easier to use and more cost-effective than a static machine.

Multiple Electrodes Shaped as Clamp (Forth and Back)

This is considered another type of heavy-duty spot welding gun that can deal with big components and are easier to use.

Single Electrode Designed as a Stick

This is the lightest one among the three types. Its electrode is designed like a copper stick with a sharp tip. The welders of this type do not clamp the workpieces. Instead, the workpieces are often held by hands or by a fixture.

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