Rechargeable Spot Welder

For those who have traveled to Europe before, there is no denying that the buildings and the architecture in Europe are magnificent. People can gaze upon the Notre Dame de Paris along the seine. If they go south to Italy, they can see the Milan cathedral. For those who are really into architecture, they cannot miss out on Rotterdam in the Netherlands. There are even the choices for the people who are into the unique and bizarre structure of the building, the Barcelona. 

All of these buildings or structures have shown the people their unique culture and beauty through the color, the contour, and the technique of construction. Metals have played an important role in the technique of construction. It’s malleable and ductile abilities have allowed the structure to be crafted in all sorts of ways. But to connect the metal, we have to utilize the welder to perform the process of the welding. One type of them is the main discussion of today, the rechargeable spot welder. 

What Is Spot Welding? 

So what is the rechargeable spot welder? To understand that, we have to first know what the process of spot welding is. As I mentioned earlier, in order to connect the two separate metals together, we have to utilize the process of welding. The spot welding is one technique of the welding which will utilize the power created by the electric current to apply the pressure and the heat at the area of the welding place. This way, the two separate metals can be conjoined. The technique of the spot welding is sometimes also referred to as the resistance spot welding. The most common application of the technique of the spot welding is to conjoin several metal sheets which can range from two or more together, through the heat and pressure which are produced from the electric current. 

What Is a Rechargeable Spot Welder?

Now that we know about the technique of the spot welding, we can start to discuss the rechargeable spot welder. The rechargeable spot welder is a type of welder which adopts the technique of the spot welding. Just as its name implies, the rechargeable spot welder can be recharged, usually by the batteries. Since the rechargeable spot welder has adopted the technique of the spot welding, they share the same working process. 

The rechargeable spot welder has the ability to weld two or more sheets of metal together without the aid of the filler materials. Within the rechargeable spot welder, there are electrodes which are made of copper alloy. These electrodes have played the crucial role in the process of the spot welding, as they can convey the electrical current through the weld piece. This will in turn apply the heat and pressure which are required to the weld area and fusing the separate parts together. People can stop giving the electric current to the rechargeable spot welder after the parts have been merged together. Out of all the metals, people have chosen the copper alloy to be the material for the electrodes. This is because the copper alloy possesses the ability of the resistance of the electricity and the conductivity of the high thermal energy. These features have in turns helped the copper alloy electrodes to generate the heat is a favorable way within the work pieces.

Varieties of the spot welder

Now that we know about the technique of the spot welding and rechargeable spot welder is, we can now discuss another type of the spot welder, which is the battery spot welder. 

The battery spot welders are often used to connect the metal plates to the contact points of the battery. The battery spot welder has been used in the industries for many years and it has proven to be very useful. The process of the battery spot welding is just like the process of the spot welding, they are both a form of the resistance welding. The process of the battery spot welding goes as the pointed electrode creates the opposite force which can heat the metal sheet and conjoin it. The shape of the electrode has also played a crucial role, as it can determine the various welding factors such as the current, the generation of the heat, and the size of the welding nugget.

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