Wire Mesh Welder

Wire mesh welder is a welding machine that can process wire mesh welding for a series of wires and meshes. The common applications of welded wire mesh are fencing panels, wire partitions, wire container panels, wire baskets, animal cages, enclosure works, screens, security panels, shelving, signage, stairways, fishing traps and concrete reinforcement. These wire mesh materials need to be welded for the best use. There are many kind of welding methods and here we will go through some of the most popular models.

Spot Welding

Spot welding is a kind of resistance welding process. It is utilized mainly for welding two or more metal sheets together by applying pressure and heat to the weld area. This kind of welding method contains a certain specifications. It typically delivers current for 0.1 seconds or less, so the current must be extremely high, and spot-welding machines typically deliver 150 amps per phase draw on a 440-volt system. Onsite operators often have difficulties with this facility. The welding guns are normally difficult to handle for operators, as welding guns can be very heavy and often require great strength. These two characteristics make spot welding very dangerous in the manufacturing plant. Also, high amounts of heat and current are involved in the spot welding process. The welder is constantly around hazardous sparks and welding fumes, so workers of spot welders shall be very careful to the equipment as well as the surrounding environment.

Projection Welding

Projection welding is considered under the category of spot welding. It is very popular in the industry. In the welding sector, projection welding machine is a modification of spot welding machine. During the projection welding process, the weld is localized by means of projections on one or both of the work pieces to be joined. The heat is concentrated at the projections. The projections can also serve as a means of positioning the work pieces. Projection welding is often used to weld studs, nuts, and other threaded machine parts to metal plates and is productive in these processing procedures. A resistance spot welding machine is working by contacting metal surface points. And the targets are joined by the heat obtained from resistance to the electric current. It is considered a subset of electric resistance welding. During the process, work pieces are clamped together under pressure exerted by the electrodes.

Before Wire Welding

Not all wire nets are made through welding. Some wire meshes are made in different ways. For these meshes, wires need to be netted, like the hexagonal wires. Hexagonal wire net is also called the chicken wire in the agricultural industry. Many of them are used in the farms for confining the living area of the poultry in a coop. This kind of wire net is a mesh of wire which is made of thin, flexible, galvanized steel wire with hexagonal gaps. The sizes available range from 1 inch diameter, 2 inch, and half inch. Moreover, gauge of the chicken wire is available in various scales, which, range usually from 19 gauge to 22 gauge. This net is usually used to build pens due to its reasonable cost for small animals though the thinness and zinc content of galvanized wire may be inappropriate for animals prone to gnawing and will not keep out predators as the strength of the net is not strong enough.

Comparison with Expanded Metal Wire Meshes

In the development of fences, expanded metal is also an option. Expanded metal is stronger than an equivalent weight of wire meshes due to its metallic feature. Compared with chicken wires, the material is flattened instead. This feature allows for the metal to stay in one piece. This greatly enhances the rigidity in a big way. The other benefit of expanded metal is that the metal is never completely cut and reconnected. Such piece of quality remains its strength.

In the metalworking industry, expanded metal is a type of sheet metal that has been cut first, and then stretched in order to form a regular pattern of metal mesh like materials for a wide variety of industrial purposes and applications. It is widely used for professional fences and grates. Metal nets fabricated by metals instead of wood were once very expensive. But now due to the availability of the wire mesh welders and other high quality netting machines, metal net mesh is common and reliable.

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