Wire Mesh Welding Machine

What is a wire mesh welding machine?

A wire mesh welding machine is a device that is used to weld wire in order to make products that are formed as meshes, and the application can range from domestic to industrial fields, which makes it a versatile machine for its applications.

The wire mesh welding machine belongs to one of the applications in CNC technology, since it usually follows the programs that is set from the computer as a series of numerical instructions, and the wire mesh welding machine is operated according to the instructions, so as to produce standardized products with optimal precision.

The welded wire mesh can be seen in a variety of things in our daily lives or other specialized fields, as long as the products are formed as meshes. For example, the shelves and trays in refrigerators, stoves, and dishwashers for domestic use.

In addition, the frames of the greenhouses in the agricultural fields, the enclosures and cages in livestock industry, the structure of reinforced concrete paths, retaining walls, and buildings are all in the wide range of applications of the wire mesh welding machine.

These products are all we are familiar with, but hardly do we know how they are formed and how many procedures there should be in the machining work of these welded wire meshes. Therefore, we are going to discuss here.

How does a wire mesh welding machine form?

A wire mesh welding machine contains a controlling system, two sets of wire straightening device, a cross-wire carriage, two sets of wire feeding device, and a mesh welding device.

The controlling system adopts the programmable logic controller to set all of the parameters of the system on the touchscreen of this system. When there are some faults in the process of welding, the messages would also be presented on the screen as the form of graphics.

The wire straightening device, as the name suggests, is used to make the wire keep straight for the following procedures. The cross-wire carriage is operated when the operator places the straightened and cut wires into the carriage, and the device would sort, position, and eject the straightened wires with the single wire hopper.

The two sets of the wire feeding device are driven by two motors respectively. The converter motor delivers the wires to the wire accumulator, and the servo motor sends the wires to the welding machine.

The activation of the mesh welding device is controlled by the thyristor and micro-computer. The thyristor and micro-computer are capable of adjusting the upper cylinders, electrodes following the wire welding pitch and facilitate welding.

How does a wire mesh welding machine work?

Welded wire mesh is made with two orthogonal wires that are joined together at their intersections by conducting a resistance welding process to form a grid. The spaces between each grid are fixed intervals, and the wire mesh welding machine is used to control the fixed intervals to produce the products as required.

To work the wire mesh welding machine, the wires would be first placed on the pattern board in order to set the intervals of each grid. Then the wires that are perpendicular to the former wires would be fed into a hopper.

When the panel is advances, the perpendicular wires would be dropped one at a time following the program from the computer, and the grids are made. These procedures would be repeated once the penal are advanced.

What’s special about the welded wire mesh?

● The materials
The wire mesh welding machine is available for various raw materials, such as plain steel, pre-galvanized, stainless steel, and weathering steel. Since the wires are going to be welded in high pressure and temperature, they are all resistant to strength and corrosion, which make them the suitable materials for welded wire mesh.

● The spacing
The methods to measure the spacing between the grid of the welded wire mesh include center to center and clear opening. The center to center method is to measure from the center of one wire to the center of the other that is parallel to the former one. As for the clear opening, the measurement is from the side of one wire to that of the parallel wire.

● The diameters
The diameters of the wire in each welded wire mesh can be ranged from .080” and up to .375”, which means that the width of the wires are at a wide range, so that they can be used in a variety of appications.

● The edges
When the wires are welded as the form of mesh, the edges would be extended outward with different lengths. The lengths of the extended edges are determined by whether they are trimmed or untrimmed.

The trimmed edges of the welded wire mesh would be overhung by 1/8” or less of the length, while the untrimmed edges would be overhung in the length approximately equal to that of the wire mesh spacing.

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